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How many kids can use the bounce house at one time?

The number of people allowed will vary by the size of the unit and the kids age/size/activity level (older, hyperactive kids v. younger, gentle toddlers). Also take in consideration how quicly kids move through the inflatable. The manufactur..


How do the kids get safely in or out of the bounce house?

The bounces houses have a safety step that is part of the unit. Kids can crawl up into the inflatable through a small opening. When they need to exit, they will slide out feet first. An adult should be available to assist kids as needed...


Do I need to keep the air blower on at all times?

Yes, the blower is required to keep the bounce house inflated. The unit is typically no louder than a hair dryer and uses less energy. When play is over, make sure everyone has exited the inflatable, turn off the blower, and the inflatable w..


Are hissing sounds coming from our bouncer's seams normal?

Yes. The bounce houses blower continously pumps air into it while its in use, and air escapes through the seams...


Does an adult supervisor need to be present?

For the safety of your children, it is highly advisable to supervise them while they are in the bounce house. You will need to limit the number of children in the inflatable, monitor their behavior, and make sure the big kids dont over knock..


What are the rules when using a bounce house inflatable?

Generally, no shoes or sharp objects (e.g. exposed metal zippers, hair clips, etc.) are allowed. Avoid rough play (e.g. wrestling, hanging onto the netting, flipping). Anyone with medical conditions should not enter (including pregnant mom)...


What if the inflatable is up and it begins to rain?

Bounce houses should not be used in poor weather conditions (e.g. high winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms)...


Will the bounce house harm my lawn?

No, during casual usage, the inflatable will not harm your lawn. To ensure minimal damage, place a tarp beneath the bounce house and use ground stakes to anchor the bounce house during usage...


Can adults go in the inflatable?

The manufacturer suggests a total maximum total weight and an individual maximum weight. However, if adults enter to monitor young toddlers or to take pictures, it should be fine. Use common sense. Residential bouncers are made of quality ma..


Is the bounce house repairable?

Yes, each unit comes with a repair kit and instructions to patch any minor punctures or rips...



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