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Martin Ottosson,Allhyr AB,Hoppborgsgruppen, Sweden

Our company have been worked with Cici since 2011 unitl now.

I am happy to have this supplier since i am living the other side of the world and no need to worry about my orders.

As you all know that China is a big exported country to the whole world.

And there are many different factories with very big different prices and quality.

But i have to say that i am lucky to find the very good supplier among the "many"

Right now, the most important is that they have their own inspector in the factory,
who have great knowledge of EN14960 standards, that is really important for the European markets!

And the inspector Cici Song can provide the authentic En14960 for my inflatables,
which is needed for our local government. I am happy for that.

Hope Cici's Inflatables can become stronger and stonger!

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