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DD-01 (Disco dome )

  • Size : 4m+1.2
  • Weight : 86kgs (190lbs)
  • Packing : 64x64x108cm
  • Blower : 1 x 1.5HP
  • Price :
  • Stock : 3

Bouncy Castle:

Here you will find many different printing themes bouncy castles.
The majority of our bouncy castles are unisex and for children,
but we also have themes that are associated to boys and girls separately.

For example, we have princess printing themes for girls and super heros for boys.

We also have bouncy castles for adults and we accept customized bouncy castles 
according to your requiements.

We have standard  A Frame or Pillar&Beam bouncy castles, fun filled Disco Domes,
disco bouncy castles, colourful Combi uints with beautiful artwork, and any other bouncy 
castle variation you can imagine in between.

Please note that bouncy castle is a big part of our business. 
All of our bouncy castles are for sale in variety of themes
and can be customized  to meet your specific requirements.

We also have a variety of bouncy castles for sale in our stock 
which can be ready to dispatch immediately.

If you want to know the stock list, please feel free to contact us by email or hot line.

Fast contact:
Email: cici@cicisinflatables.com

Inquiry:DD-01 (Disco dome )

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