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SSL-01 (Unicorn slide)

  • Size : 6x3.65x5.8m (19.7x12x19ft)
  • Weight : 158kgs (349lbs)
  • Packing : 96x96x140cm
  • Blower : 1 x 1.5HP
  • Price :
  • Stock : 1

Inflatable Slides:

Cici's Inflatables Co.,Ltd manufactures and sells fantastic inflatable slides to all over the world in varying sizes, themes and shapes. From the smallest inflatable garden slides and water slides to the largest of giant inflatable slides and drop slides, 
Cicis inflatables can provide to you without problems.

Our most common inflatable slides are the under 10ft and between 10ft to 20ft inflatable dry slide and land based water slide.Can visit our website for different sizes/themes/shapes.

In recent years, inflatable water slides like city slides and slides in the city products have become very popular
and Cici's inflatables is a supplier to some of the customers in Europe. Inflatable water slides can be made to sit on a hill 
and use gravity to propel the participant, or we can make normal inflatable slide with water feeding accessories and pools at the end, but the slope at the beginning of the slide should enough for participant to get fast speed.

When you buying inflatable slides, it is important to make sure you are buying from a reputable manufacturer,
like CIci's Inflatables Co.,Ltd  that has a track record in designing and manufacturing inflatable slides that are structurally strong with enough anchoring points, safe access points and adequate slide run-out on the exit. It is also essential that the manufacturer can demonstrate compliance with the relevant international standards such as EN14960.

If you want vivid, imaginative, creative, animated and fun inflatable slides,
please don't hesitate to contact our team.

Fast contact:

Email: cici@cicisinflatables.com
Tel: +8613711168513

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